Many entrepreneurs and business owners could benefit from having a mobile app to offer, but application development is complicated. Apps for mobile devices that run on either Android or iOS are hot. Everyone knows that. However, many business owners have no idea how to create something that would appeal to their customers.

The Mobile App Marketplace:

Any business will have many potential customers using Android and iOS devices, so Google’s Android O/S in particular is a good platform on which to create an app. Many customers will have iOS devices. If you can afford both, it makes sense to offer an iOS and an Android app.

You know that mobile devices are everywhere, but you might not know what kinds are popular and how popular apps really are. Android phones and tablets account for 51% of the tens of millions of mobile devices in the United States. Apple iOS devices are less popular, but still have millions of users, just in the United States.

Almost all of those mobile device users like to use apps. Android users download about 1.5 billion apps per month. Apple users are fewer in number but still download about the same number of apps each month.

Those figures point to a couple of great business opportunities.

Applications are Business Tools:

Mobile applications offer useful information or some entertainment to users. The application’s creator gets either the revenue from downloads, or easier access to customers. Many free applications let users customers stay informed about upcoming events and sales, and sometimes those same customers get exclusive discounts or coupons. The news, and the coupons, build customer loyalty and drive sales.

Mobile applications have a range of uses in business, and can be a business by themselves. Here are a few specific examples of what I can build for you:

  • Chilinut – A Facebook app for tagging friends and crushes
  • MyGalleryMarketing – A mobile gallery for artists
  • Restaurants & Menus – Finds nearby restaurants and their online menus

If those examples give you any ideas for your own business, get in touch and tell me what you need. You do the marketing and I build the app.

Offer Android and iOS Apps:

The Android OS has another advantage, in addition to being wildly popular. The Android OS is an open source operating system. This means the code can be modified by programmers who want to create new applications and functions. This openness brings a few practical advantages for application developers and end users:

  • Android adjusts the user interface for phone or tablet, automatically.
  • Access to the Android code makes it easy to integrate/combine applications.
  • Android offers app developers more flexibility.

Android applications can be integrated, so any business that offers a number of applications can tie them together. Of course, the biggest benefit of an Android app is the access to a huge base of Android device users.

Apple’s iOS does not have those technical advantages, but your app can reach a huge and growing base of devoted Apple users.

If you’d like to talk about having an app created, feel free to get in touch.