How to Boost Your Digital Marketing With PR

Recently, I listened to the CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation tell me about his company’s profit and loss; and I realized that he considered marketing, sales and PR -- all of it -- as a single line item. Related: 6 Secrets to More PR in Less Than an Hour a Day In this man's mind, anything driving

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How To Get A Digital Marketing Job: 3 Tips From Top Employers

Looking for a new job this year? If so, you’re not alone. According to global research from Canada Life Group Insurance, 50% of employees will be looking for a new job in 2017. Now some of you may be looking to get a digital marketing job. If that’s you, then keep reading as I’ve asked

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Digital Marketing: A Look Back at 2016 and What to Expect in 2017

Digital marketers are constantly exposed to new changes and trends in the digital arena every year. Therefore, marketers need to train themselves to welcome these changes and adapt to them as quickly as possible. Observing changing user behaviors and adapting to them has always been important to pave the way towards success. 2016 was no

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