Remember the song “Rhythm is Gonna Get You”? Just thinking about Miami automatically brings heat to the feet in more ways than one. The sand and the surf combined with the energy and electrifying vibes of Miami resonate throughout the surrounding areas. No matter what the season, the internal temperature never drops in Miami. The symbiotic relationship between day and night provides an unusual atmosphere. In fact, the city really comes to life after 11 p.m. when people flock to see their favorite DJ’s perform. However, the energy of the city is not limited to the electro-techno productions of the night clubs. This dynamic city offers a broad spectrum of arts, culture, sports, entertainment, education and business opportunities. The University of Miami, the Miami Dolphins, Burger King, Home Depot, along with thousands of international businesses are located in this city, as well as a number of the world’s largest television networks and broadcasting companies. In addition to Miami’s large Hispanic culture, its location makes it easily accessible to Latin America. Call 954-857-5753 for a free price quote.

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The State of Florida creates an environment for economic growth by providing numerous tax advantages to businesses of all sizes, both private and personal. For one thing, there is no local or state personal income tax with the Florida state corporate tax rate at only 5.5%. There are also strong support programs in place to help those who want to set up businesses no matter how big or small. This optimizes growth opportunities for existing businesses and encourages new ones to develop as well. Research shows that of the top private employers, Publix employs some 11, 000 people; the public school system as top public employer some 50,000 people; Wachovia B.A. as top financial institution employs over 2,000; Bell South leads the top communications area with 5500 employees; and 9,000 employees work for a top aviation company. Thanks to Renee Chapple of, “the top five businesses (according to market capitalization) are the Lennar Corporation, Carnival Corporation, World Fuel Services, Ryder Corporation, and Royal Caribbean Cruises.” Because the state and local governments create an optimum environment for growth, it is inevitable that a diverse and competitive market thrives.

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